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“KopS” is short for “Kunst op Scheveningen” or “Art in Scheveningen”. It is an association of artists who live and work in the fishing village and seaside resort of Scheveningen, a location with a long history as an artistic setting for both Dutch and foreign artists. KopS’s objective is to stimulate contact between artists and share technical knowledge. With regard to improving interaction with the general public an art walk is organised every two years. Furthermore an exhibition coupled to an art competition takes place in between is organised. Exhibitions by individual members are held in nursing homes. And there is also an exhibition by three to four members in the Old Scheveningen Church on the Keizerstraat, the main street in the village. The church is open to the public on Saturdays from 1 to 5 pm. In the Keizerstraat, at number 71c, KopS also runs a gallery, where members exhibit and sell their art. The KopS Gallery is opened on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 6 pm in Summer and from 1 to 5 pm in Winter. The art displays in the nursing homes, Old Scheveningen Church and KopS Gallery are changed every three months.

The KopS-website

The KopS website consists of eight sections:

Homepage Here you will find news articles (in Dutch) concerning KopS

Arists organised by disciplines:

Tekenen en schilderen: drawing and painting

Beeldhouwen en keramiek: Sculpture and ceramics

Fotografie : Photography

Grafiek: Graphics

Sieraden: Jewelry

Overige disciplines: Disciplines not mentioned in the other sections, such as glassworks and textiles

Informatie Information about KopS in Dutch and also the visitor statistics of this site

The KopS agenda:

Agenda Kunst op Locatie: Agenda for exhibitions by KopS members in old-age homes

Agenda KopS Activitieiten: Agenda for activities (such as art walks and exhibitions) organised by and on behalf of KopS

Agenda voor leden: Agenda for KopS members

Agenda exposities en activiteiten KopS-kunstenaars: Agenda of personal exhibitions and activities by KopS members

Contact Contact: use the KopS contact form if you want more information on KopS or its activities. If you want to be informed regularly, we can put you on the mailing list (if so we want you to report this explicitly in your e-mail)
KopS-fotoalbum Pictures made during activities organised by KopS
Nieuwsbrief News letter
Cursussen en workshops Information on art courses and workshops by KopS members (information unfortunately only in Dutch, but most teachers do speak English (and possibly German and French as well)


If you are an artist who lives and/or works in Scheveningen and you want to become a member of KopS, you can click here to download the KopS-application form. After filling in send the form to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.. Please clearly motivate your reason for wanting to be a member and include three pictures of recent artworks (not older than two years) in the e-mail.

The annual membership fee for KopS is € 25,=

Before you can become a member your work will be evaluated by our assessment committee, consisting of artists from different disciplines. The costs for the assessment are € 10,=. The committee meets in January, May and October to assess the work of prospective members.

The assessment will be documented on paper and presented to the KopS board, which then takes the final decision. If positive you will receive an invoice. As soon as the administration has received your fee, you membership of KopS is definite. You will be sent a membership list and your name will be mentioned under your art discipline(s) on the KopS-website. You will be a member for at least two years. KopS expects you to actively take part in KopS-activities.