About KopS

Art association KopS

KopS stands for Kunst op Scheveningen which is translated to Art in Scheveningen. The association was founded by a group of artists that wanted to connect. In 2011 they first combined forces and the association “Kunst op Scheveningen” was officially founded. Today it counts approximately 65 artists who all either work or live in Scheveningen.

KopS for the artists

KopS offers an opportunity for the artists to meet and inspire each other. They can exchange knowledge and experiences and collaborate on projects. Every year one big event is organised by its members. One year it’s an open art studio route and a group exhibition around a theme the next year, so the artists can exhibit together and send their art out to the public. Apart from that there are ample ways to meet each other. At the group or solo exhibitions, the general members meetings, trips to museums or visits to art studio’s and the monthly low-key meetings at the KopS Art Café in the local pub De Maatschappij in Scheveningen. To honour the 10 year anniversary of the association, KopS organised a fabulous party whereby each member made a small piece of art for another member in a secret draw. This resulted in surprisingly funny and emotional connections between the artists and strengthened their bond.

KopS adds colour to Scheveningen

KopS wants to make art accessible to all members of the Scheveningen community, young and old, and to invite them to participate in its cultural and/or educational projects. One of the goals of KopS is to give opportunities to young talent.

By organising yearly events, the public in and around Scheveningen are presented with a low-threshold opportunity to enjoy the art and meet the artists. This leads to beautiful and memorable encounters that strengthen the connection between the people of Scheveningen.

KopS and partners

KopS has strong ties to different local partners. Some of these are Muzee Scheveningen, Kalhuis and Café De Maatschappij. Additionally KopS occasionally works together with foundation Art & Jazz f.e. to organise the successful two-day manifestation of DuneArt.

Becoming a member of KopS

KopS has a balloting committee that assesses the applicants on several criteria like professionalism, quality of the work, development and productivity. Artists that live and/or work in Scheveningen and want to become a member can fill out the application form. The committee will then contact you with the following steps of the procedure.